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“Laughter is the Best Medicine!”
by “Dr.” Steve Mozena

Steve Mozena came from a large family of eight and was always gifted with a good sense of humor, primarily due to his Irish mother, because she said so. It led him to a short-lived career in stand-up comedy as well as becoming, for a while, a morning radio personality in Phoenix, AZ, with a humorous handle as “Dr.” Steve Mozena, “RADIOlogist”. (See photo.)

The handle and character grew out of his family of origin’s involvement in the healthcare field. When Steve was growing up his father owned a medical supply company, and had done so since 1954. Shortly after his passing, Steve’s mother sold the business. Two of Steve’s siblings became doctors and one became a nurse.

At this point, Steve and his family have owned Mozena Medical Supplies and Equipment, Inc., since 2007 in Long Beach, CA. But make no mistake, in spite of these medical blogs, Steve Mozena is unequivocally no doctor, although he liked to play “Dr.” Steve and still does. Steve Mozena holds an MBA and maybe someday a PhD, but never an MD.

With that said, please enjoy his humor, his opinions, and his Freedom of Speech. Maybe take one or two doses of blogs at a time, but don’t call him in the morning—unless you want to buy new or used medical supplies and equipment or rent medical equipment or even get medical equipment repaired.

Now, without further adieu, we present to you “Doctor” Steve Mozena and President Steve Mozena of Mozena Medical Supplies with the blogs listed below.

Blogs below coming soon!

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