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Skin Tags Unleashed: Hilarious Tales of Their Untimely Demise!


Have you heard the one about skin tags? They’re like unwanted freeloading family and friends that overstayed their welcome on our couches but on our faces! But fear not, dear readers, for I embarked on a quest to bid farewell to these unwanted companions, and today, I shall regale you with my amusing tale. So grab a seat and get ready to laugh and learn, as we delve into the world of skin tag removal!

Scene 1: The John Candy Moment

Like a scene out of a hilarious comedy flick, I found myself facing a skin tag predicament just like John Candy’s memorable line in “Uncle Buck.” The Vice Principal, with a huge mole on her chin, was criticizing Candy’s niece in the movie, and he defended her with a witty remark, “Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!” Oh, how I wish John Candy had given me that quarter to find a rat to gnaw off that pesky skin tag on my eyelid.

Scene 2: Exploring Different Methods

Skin tags were not just a concern for me but also for my lovely wife. While hers were relatively inconspicuous, mine could practically audition for a reality show! Research led me to discover various skin tag removal methods: using a Hyfrecator to burn them off, freezing them off with liquid nitrogen, or taking the courageous route and cutting them off with a surgical scissor.

Scene 3: A World of Internet Remedies

Ah, the vast world of the internet, where you can find remedies for almost anything under the sun. Naturally, I stumbled upon countless products and bizarre DIY techniques promising miraculous tag removal. Twisting, turning, even wrapping dental floss around them—I tried it all! But let me tell you, folks, walking around with floss-wrapped tags isn’t a fashion statement that will turn heads for the right reasons!

Scene 4: Seeking Professional Help

Realizing that my internet adventures were leading me down a comical path, I decided it was time to consult a professional. Armed with health insurance and a primary doctor, I paid them a visit. Now, brace yourselves for the plot twist—my primary doctor timidly suggested I see an ophthalmologist for the skin tag on my eyelid. Who knew that one skin tag would require such a star-studded surgeon for the eye, huh?

Scene 5: The Bold Doctor’s Intervention

After years of living with my conspicuous eyelid companion, fate smiled upon me, granting me a new primary doctor with the audacity to say, “Fear not, I shall rid you of that eyelid tag!” I closed my eyes, expecting a moment of suspense, and voilà! With a sterile instrument that resembled a small scissors, the doctor made swift work of my unruly eyelid tag. That little rascal disappeared, never to return again! It has been a good eight years since that fateful day, and I’ve remained eyelid tag-free.

Scene 6: Addressing Vanity Concerns

Now, folks, you may wonder why a carefree soul like myself bothered with skin tag removal. Well, as I aged, more of these unwanted companions multiplied on my face but, thank God, not on my eyelid. Call it vanity or simply the realization that people noticed them more than I did. I desperately attempted various methods, each with its own twist—pun intended. But alas, the floss-wrapped look didn’t win me any fashion awards.

Scene 7: A Dermatologist to the Rescue

But fear not, dear readers, for my tale takes an unexpected turn! A visit to a dermatologist for an unrelated matter led to a conversation about my persistent and growing number of skin tags by my eyes and under my eyes. And you know what she said? Brace yourselves for the humor, folks—she exclaimed, “Let’s clean up your face and make you look handsome!” Oh, the flattery! She advocated for the simplest method of all: cutting the skin tags off.

Scene 8: The Swift Surgeon and the Girly Man Scream

With surgical precision, my dermatologist clipped away the plethora of tags below my eyes and on the sides. Now, folks, let me tell you, her speed was astonishing! I let out a scream like a girly man and pleaded for a slowdown, but she remained steadfast, clearly knowing what she was doing.

Of course, no comedy is complete without a bit of a sting. The doctor applied a little antibiotic to prevent infection, causing me to exclaim “ouch, ouch, ouch!” in pain, though just a little. But in the end, it was a small price to pay for the laughter-inducing results.

As instructed by the doctor, I diligently kept my skin hydrated with Vaseline to ensure no scarring would steal the spotlight. And you know what, dear readers? It worked like a charm! Weeks went by, and I proudly returned to work, sporting a face that seemed 10 to 15 years younger.


So, if you find yourself debating how to bid adieu to those pesky skin tags, take a lesson from my comedy-filled journey. Skip the internet gimmicks that promise miracles and head straight to a trusted doctor who’s willing to cut them off. Trust me, the laughs and relief are worth it!

Remember, dear readers, laughter truly is the best medicine. And when it comes to skin tags, a good sense of humor can lighten the load and make the journey all the more enjoyable. Stay funny, stay fabulous, and may your skin tag adventures be a comedy of triumph!


Please note that while I may have donned the persona of “Dr. Steve” on the radio in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s important to clarify that I am not a real doctor and do not claim to be one. The experiences shared in this blog are based on my personal journey with skin tags and should not be considered professional medical advice. It is always recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or dermatologist regarding your own skin tag concerns or any other medical condition. Remember, your real doctor is the expert when it comes to your health and can provide personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs. Stay informed, stay safe, and embrace your own unique journey to skin tag liberation!
ue journey to skin tag liberation!


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