From left to right: Pete, Steve, John. Middle: Rosaleen, Jim. Seated: Mary Jr., Mom, Kathy, and Joe.
High school graduation photos: Joseph (Dad), Mary (Mom), Rosaleen, Pete, Jim, Joe Jr., Mary Jr., John, Kathleen, and Steve. Parent’s wedding photo: June 2, 1945.

This is my Family of Origin. I am the youngest and a fraternal twin. This photo is from May 2013. My mother, born in Dublin, Ireland, would pass away in January 2014 from complications due to Alzheimer’s. This photo was taken on her last Mother’s Day here on Earth. From oldest to youngest: Mom, Rosaleen, Pete, Jim, Joe, Mary, John, Kathleen, and me, Steve. My brothers and sisters are all professionals: Psychologist, lawyer, two doctors, and others have Master’s degrees. Dad and Mom were proud of all of us. We miss both our Dad and Mom. By the way, Mom had the first B & B in Portland, OR, called “Portland’s White House” because it looked like the real one. It was very successful and still operates more than 30 years after she started it in 1983 – a nice legacy of Mom like I’m creating now for my Dad. (See the photos of White House to the right).

Dad Steve and Daughter Arista at Portland’s White House, June 2016.

Portland’s White House in Oregon