To My Customers,

Many people who get into the medical supply and equipment business are motivated primarily by the desire to make a huge profit.

My motive is different.

For nearly 25 years, I have had a thriving academic college publishing business and real estate investments that have amply provided for my family. But I have just as much experience in the medical supply and equipment industry working for the number one hospital supply company American Hospital Supply (now Cardinal Health), and Stuart’s Drug & Surgical Supply (now Owens & Minor).

I learned much of it from my Dad and subsequently from working in the Healthcare Supply field.

From 1945 until his untimely passing in 1979 of pancreatic cancer, my Dad worked hard in the medical supply field, in addition to raising his eight children. He was so successful first as a technician with the business and then as a salesman, he purchased the company in 1954. It supplied hospitals, physicians, and the general public. Not only did his business supply hospitals, it set up hundreds of physicians in their medical practices. Later, his company became the leading supplier for nursing homes and their respective chains in the Pacific Northwest.

Sadly, after my Dad passed on, at the request of my mother the company was sold by me.

Despite this, I worked in the healthcare supply field for a number of years after the sale of the company.

Then, in 2007 I purchased a building in Long Beach, CA, which had an empty store front. I didn’t want my healthcare supply experience through my Dad to go to waste, so I created this company. Moreover, I wanted to help people in times of need to save money on their medical supplies and equipment. Additionally, I wanted to give back what I have learned to help the younger generation have prestigious and well-paid careers.

Lastly, it is a living tribute to my Dad who wanted to have a national healthcare supply company, but due to his early demise, his company only reached 10 states.

At this point, as his youngest son, I’d like my Dad to vicariously realize his unrealized dream of having a national company. This company and I are driven to see my Dad’s dream realized despite his untimely death.

Given all this experience, plus working with several leading health care supply companies, I pledge to those who purchase from my company that I will continue to strive to offer the highest quality medical supply and equipment products at the lowest prices and employ as many people as I can, including not only those from my own baby-boomer generation but the millennials as well.

I even went back to college to obtain an MBA to help serve you better, and I proudly say, I received not only my MBA but graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Now, please help us, help you, because your family’s health is as important as our family’s health.

Come visit our store in Long Beach, CA to purchase your medical supplies and equipment from us in person, call us on the phone at 1-562-498-2500 to place an order for your medical equipment and supply needs or use are online order to place a rental order for a medical device from us.

We thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you and your family.

Steve Mozena, MBA

Our goal is to help not only those who can afford it but also those who cannot.

We pledge to those who purchase from our company that we will strive to offer the highest quality medical supply and equipment products at the lowest prices.

Give us the opportunity to help you with your medical and equipment needs.

At Mozena Medical Supplies & Equipment, “your family’s health is as important as our family’s health”.

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